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Superb Sugaring Their sugaring services are so far the best in Winnipeg. Maria and Pauline are very good with what they do. Highly recommended !
Superb Sugaring
I went to advanced body sugaring for my very first time. I have now been there 2 times and I had never had it done prior. I read the other reviews on here and I'm so glad I decided on Maria. I got a Brazilian sugar done. She is very nice, and professional. It's a very clean place. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable or awkward but I didn't at all! I'm definitely not going to shave anymore and I'm going to keep seeing Maria. Highly recommend her:)
Sam N
Extremely happy with the results
I love going to Maria's, for one thing she is the best at Brazilian sugaring. She makes it as painless as possible. Her assistant (so sorry I've forgotten her name) is just like Maria. Thorough, pleasant and friendly. My parting words to Maria and her assistant were "that was the most fun hour I have had in ages!" Going there is not just about the great service it is spending time with two great ladies, we always have a laugh and that is the best medicine when having your hair ripped out!
Margaret Fotiuk
Excellent Body Sugaring
I've been sugaring for years and until now it's safe to say my past experiences were just ok. My first experience with Maria was fantastic! She was extremely thorough and it didn't hurt as much as all the other places I've been to. She does the job in small areas and changes the sugar often so it's always fresh and warm. Yes the way you're positioned is awkward but she gets down in every space it's amazing how clean you feel. Will definitely refer others to her!
Thereza C
Both Maria and Pauline are excellent at what they do. Compared to any other salon, they know exactly what they are doing and I get great results every time.
Great service
Maria has always done an excellent job for me. She is efficient and thorough. I fully recommend her shop.
Great quality
I have never done any sugaring or waxing before, mainly because I was a little shy about the experience, but Maria made me feel so at ease and any anxiety went right out the door. The process is quick and the results are amazing! Glad to have gone and will definitely be a returning customer for many years to come.
Meagan Klassen
First Time Sugar Experience
Both Maria and Pauline are skilled in their profession. They both do an excellent job and the office is clean. I have gone elsewhere in the past and nowhere else even compares to Advanced Body Sugaring by Maria! I am a returning client.
Five Stars!
Maria is quite literally the best in the city. Never misses a hair and creates a pleasant, comfortable experience from the moment you walk in the door. You will not get this quality of service and skill anywhere else - trust me, I've tried!!
Don't get sugared anywhere else!!
I have waxed for over 10yrs. This was my first time sugaring. I started with my face. Then proceeded to have my legs and bikini line done. Saw Pauline both times. She was great. Very meticulous. Very professional and pleasant. I was very pleased with my results. It hurts about the same as waxing but the after effects were nothing. With waxing I normally had red bumps and my legs/bikini felt raw and swollen for days after. I will definitely be returning. I also love that you can book online.
New to sugaring
I appreciated Maria's care in explaining what she was doing and why after care was so important. I have also seen Pauline who is quick and very pleasant. They try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
Londa C
Great Experience
Maria is excellent! Facility is clean. She is meticulous, professional and friendly. Will definitely be back!
Colleen Dyck
One after the other and I only walked away because of Maria's wonderful ministrations. Pauline did my back and is very good and thorough.
Craig H
Excellent service, friendly and easy going. Was refereed by a friend and now I'm referring my friends. Would recommend to anyone. Book in advance, as this place is usually booked well in advance.
Daria R
Customer Review
I have been to many places before and am very happy with the service here. A little bit expensive but they do a very nice job of sugaring.
Excellent sugaring
I would recommend to anyone. I had such a positive first time experience. I will definitely be going back!
Mary Kate B
Maria is very outgoing and very friendly! I would recommend her to anyone. The only thing is you have to book your appointment in advance, but that's only because everyone goes to her!
Maxine Achtemichuk
Customer Review
I was referred to Maria's by a friend and I was not disappointed. From the experience to the salon itself, it was all exceeded my expectations. She is the best in the city, no doubt!
Favourite new location!
Maria always makes me feel relaxed during her sessions. The place is very clean and she does an amazing job.
Professional and exceptional
Very clean, comfortable environment. Maria knows exactly what she's doing and is very professional. Very knowledgeable, a lot less pain than I've experienced at other places. I regret taking so long to find this place- best sugaring I've had. She's reversing a lot of damage done by other places.
Top Notch
Maria is the best!! I've been seeing her for many years and would not go anywhere else. She is professional, friendly, kind, caring, and knows her job like no other. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone and everyone. Thanks Maria !!! 🙂
Vicki M
Absolutely wonderful !!
Maria is a great professional Do not hesitate any longer, book an appointment and enjoy the result !
Simply amazing !
Maria has always been very friendly, professional and will do her very best to accommodate you. I certainly have no hesitations in recommending her!
Rita Hettig
The Best
Maria is just the sweetest lady. She eased all my nerves as it was my first time. She is very professional and goes above and beyond, offering her expertise in other areas in which I have been struggling with for years. I would recommend her to any & everyone. She's amazing, you won't be disappointed!
Maria is a miracle worker. I had problem skin but with Maria's touch; my skin cleared up beautifully. She is an expert and a professional. You can count on her giving you the best service. She's wonderful!
Norm Touchette
Amazing results!
Maria is great! Always on time with her appointments and she makes sure that you're comfortable. She is proficient and she gets every hair using a lighted magnifying mirror, which you don't see in other salons. She also lets you know how to prevent in grown hair and helps you repair broken hair damage. Maria definitely makes it less painful I guarantee that! Come see Maria and you will be back again. =)
Jennifer C
Amazing Service
This was my first time for body sugaring, it was a great experience! I loved the results and I definitely recommend it! The service was excellent!
Fantastic place, I would definitely recommend coming here. Very clean and Maria is amazing at what she does! Very thorough and friendly.
Tiffany C
Great services
I have discovered Body Sugaring thanks to Maria, and I am more than satisfied! The place is clean and welcoming. You have your privacy! The staff is very professional, friendly and do a great job !
Great service !
I came here for the first time just the other day. The staff did an excellent job! She was very friendly and made me feel more comfortable as I felt a little nervous at first. She was also extremely helpful since this was my first time there. I will definitely be coming here from now on for Body Sugaring.
Jessica Cabigas
Love Sugaring, Had regular waxing for years then tried threading, but after trying sugaring I won't be going back to either one. Painless.
Bev P
Great Experience
As someone who has done nothing but shave for at least 10 years, my Brazilian was a pretty painful experience! That being said, Maria was lovely!! She makes you feel totally comfortable and literally didn't miss a single hair! Afterwards, I had no irritation and I plan to visit her again and again! DO use numbing cream and/or take an Advil beforehand though - especially if it's your first time - because it does hurt. That being said, the results are definitely worth the temporary discomfort!
One happy customer!
This was my first experience with body sugaring. Maria was very professional and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She did an excellent job and I will definitely be back.
Always a pleasure getting services done by Maria. She's the only one I trust sugaring. Had bad experiences elsewhere. She never lets me down! One of the best in town! Scratch that.. She's the best in town!
Awesome service
I will NEVER go anywhere else as long as Maria is here. Fantastic pricing and terrific service. I recommend her to EVERYONE I know who is looking.
Callie Hill
I went in and saw Pauline to get my Brazilian and thighs sugared and was extremely happy with the results. Pauline was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable. I hadn't been for a sugaring in a long time and have some tough hair but she didn't try to rush through anything. I was very pleased with the thorough job she did and will make sure I don't wait so long before I go again.
Happy customer
Great staff! Exceeded my expectations!
Like most I left too long in between to see Maria so I saw Pauline this time who was available. Trained by the best in Maria, Pauline was professional, meticulous, and kind. Very sweet lady :). No matter who you see at Advanced Body Sugaring your experience will keep you coming back. Best in the city!!!!
Carol B
This was my first experience with body sugaring. The staff was very professional and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable and did an excellent job.
Excellent Experience
I've missed Maria the last few times but back again and what a touch. Always expecting the worst after way too long between sugarings but Maria always makes the time easily taken.
Another great appointment
No one does it like Maria! She's the best of the best. She knows how to keep you comfortable, while in a sterile environment. I've been to other places but she has the best hands in the biz! I recommend to all my friends!
Jocelyn V
Maria is wonderful... professional and very good at what she does!! I appreciate the ease of booking on line as well...
Denise E.
Previous reviews are bang on...
Maria is a hair removal expert and is simply the best. She makes sure not a single hair is left behind, and even uses a magnifying light to make sure! On top of that, she's very friendly and professional and makes you feel totally comfortable. Even though she's booked solid throughout the day, I've never had to wait in her waiting room for more than 2 mins.
Kerry C
Maria is THE best!!
I been a client for Maria since 2013 the service she does is the best because of that I am going to be her permanent client she is so nice to the people treat very one the same I hope the best for her business and her.
Body sugaring
I came to Maria after being butchered by another sugaring...and let me tell you she is the best there is in Winnipeg. She knew exactly what she was doing, was very thorough, and fixed the last girls mistakes!
Tracy did an incredible job on my bikini line! The best results from sugaring I've had to date. The place was clean, and staff friendly. Would recommend to anyone needing a sugaring in Winnipeg!
Bikini Brazilian
This was my first experience with Maria. I have gone the sugaring route before, so knew what to expect. Maria is a great find - professional, courteous and efficient!
Heather B
Great first visit
I just recently was told by my friend to try Advanced Body Sugaring as she said it was ten times better than the more local sugaring I was getting before. I found that social interaction changed with each of the body sugarers I have tried, but the more comfortable and clean technique that they use does not change between them. The sugar rarely gets stuck in all little places like my other place. I truly was impressed (they're all trained very specifically). Location is a little far for me.
Great experience
As you may know this is not the easiest of sugaring jobs. Made it seem easy. She was very professional and commiserated with my pain although it was far less than she warned me. Feels great even the day after and I'll be back
Craig Hanley
My visit with Pauline was my first Brazilian sugaring experience. She made me feel so comfortable! Love the results.
Great experience!
It is a rarity to have wonderful talented, kind, and gentle people working in the same establishment!!! Whenever Maria is unavailable I never hesitate to book with Pauline. She has been taught by the best and that is demonstrated every time I see her!!! Thanks Pauline always a pleasure and love catching up with you each time. xx
Carol Brady
I have been a client at Advanced Body Sugaring by Maria for about a couple of years, and I have always been a very satisfied customer, I would strongly recommend any one to see Maria, or anyone of her friendly staff, and they will be happy to help you out...
James S
Very Satisfied Customer
The best place to get a Brazilian! Quick, easy and comfortable! Pauline was great as usual and it's always a good experience!
Great as usual
This was my first time ever being sugared and it was an absolutely fabulous experience. It was a nearly painless! Highly recommend it to others. I will definitely be back.
Amazing place!
Always a fantastic experience with Maria. Professional, thorough, and guaranteed great results all the time.
Riza M
The BEST in town!
Best in Winnipeg. Advanced is a comfortable, clean and friendly place with amazing results. I have had both Maria and Pauline and they are both great! You will be a customer for life.
Gina D'Ottavio
I had my appointment with Pauline. She understood exactly what I wanted. Before my eyebrows were unruly and had lost their shape. She brought the shape back to my eyebrows. It has been a long time since they have looked this amazing! Thanks!
Heidi M
Beautifully shaped eyebrows
Maria is very professional and knowledgable. She corrected the errors of my previous waxing/sugaring experiences with other aesthetician who left many broken hairs which caused a lot of ingrowth. But thanks to her expertise, that is all being taken care of. So glad I found her!
Best hair removal experience ever!
My experience at Advanced Sugaring by Maria was very enjoyable - Maria is very professional and courteous, and it was also very comfortable.
Professional and Comfortable
Maria is so professional and makes you feel totally comfortable. Obviously she knows what she is doing but the final outcome proves it! I would (and have) recommend Maria to others that may be going somewhere else and aren't overly happy, or even first timers!
Highly Recommend
I truly would recommend this place to everyone. The service is very friendly & they know there stuff. Have gone to other places because I was not able to get an appointment but always come back. Even for first timers they talk you through it .
Debbie L
Definitely a 5 star
This shop is the best! Always clean, friendly and efficient. I have never had to wait! The staff is always pleasant and does an amazing job with amazing results!
Rita Hettig
Advanced - Best place
You will be well looked after as soon as you walk in the door. Maria does fantastic work and I have been going to see her for the last 6 years. She is thorough, gentle, and takes care to make sure you are comfortable the entire session. You won't regret making a visit.
Big Guy
As good as it gets 🙂
Their Staff rocks, they do a great job every time. I recommend this place to everyone. Advanced is a really great place.
Excellent service
Love Sugaring, Had regular waxing for years then tried threading, but after trying sugaring I won't be going back to either one. Painless.
Bev P
Great Experience
I've been sugared and waxed before but this was my first time at Advanced. I checked them out because of the great reviews and I was not disappointed! I will definitely be a returning customer.
Best Experience
This is the go to place for my sugaring needs, I had found Advanced Body Sugaring by Maria to be not only a pleasant place, but the quality of work is by far the best I have ever experienced, thanks.
James Sandberg
Excellent Customer Service
Extremely professional and quick. Great prices and service. I'll definitely go back. They are located in a very easy to access area and friendly.