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As hair removal can be a personal journey, you’ve probably wondered whether laser hair removal is the right procedure to tickle your hairy situation. For first time go-ers, laser hair removal may not be as straightforward as shaving or waxing per se, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either. 

As Winnipeggers, you need to pay extra close attention to these details as the climate and UV rays in our region can affect how and when to do laser hair removal, but first… 

Why laser hair removal?

Shaving only removes the surface part of the hair, serving as a short quick fix for dealing with our hairy parts. In addition to waxing, shaving can often leave skin irritation and ingrown hairs as well. While sugaring is a more natural and softer solution, laser hair removal is desirable if you’re tired of maintaining a grooming routine and are looking for something more long term. Yes, laser hair removal can be a bit more expensive upfront, but it’s an investment that will not only save you time, but money down the line.

What is it: 

Laser hair removal is the process of ridding your hair follicles from the root to prevent future hair growth. A laser emits light which is absorbed by the hair where it is destroyed. Clients will need 4-6 sessions over a period of 3-6 months to see the full effect of laser hair removal. By repeating the laser process, hair in the treated area will become thinner and sparse when grown. Eventually, hair growth is belated over a longer period of time, belating the need to groom overall.

Bonus Benefits: 

Laser hair removal will reduce pigmentation in groomed areas, such as armpits and the bikini area. Typically, the hair that we wish to remove is called terminal hair – the type that is darker, thicker, and of course, more visible. Remember that hair is grown under the surface of the skin – shaving only removes the tips of hair, leaving the dark roots visible. As LHR removes hair from the root, the groomed area becomes lightened up.

How to prepare: 

Visit your salon for a consultation on whether laser hair removal is right for you. You may be advised to shave, but do not wax! Other tips – 

  • Avoid the sun before and 2 days after treatment. This means tanning, self-tanning – intentionally and/or unintentionally. 
  • Keeping the first point in mind, it’s best to begin treatment during the winter time. Let’s be real. That Manitoba sun is strong with UV rays all year round, but at least you can bundle up in your sweaters, covering your arms and legs against the frigid cold. As stated, treatment may take over a span of 3-6 months. Better to save your skin under those layers until the big reveal for summer where your laser hair removal treatment can be greatly appreciated. 
  • Do not do anything with heat within 24 hours after treatment. This includes intense workouts, saunas, jacuzzis, and hot yoga. Your skin will need to recover and breathe.
  • Exfoliate BUT wait 24 hours after treatment to do so. Exfoliating is very good and highly recommended as it’ll scrub away burnt hairs and dead skin from laser hair removal. Sugaring is the best exfoliant as it’s natural and eco-friendly.

The Finale

Some people may avoid laser hair removal with the fear that the treatment will be painful. This all actually depends on your own pain tolerance and the machine that is used. In Winnipeg, Sugaring by Maria, is using the latest technology to provide non-invasive and pain-free sessions. Their Venus Versa not only tackles laser hair removal, but also spot treatments, skin rejuvenation, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) as well. (For other treatments check out Venus Versa HERE)

Laser hair removal is an investment where you’re working towards the goal of removing hair permanently. Even if, for whatever reason, you decide not to follow through with your sessions, at least your hair will grow back thinner. You may have already said goodbye to summer, but you can book up your winter with some self-care. If you’d like to book an appointment click HERE


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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